Government Relations

Through our strong networks in the government, we work with you to connect you with the right decision makers and developing proactive dialogues that shape the decision-making narrative and place our clients on the business map.

Lobbying & Public Affairs

POD has strong connections with policy and decision makers within the business community in a wide spectrum of industries, as well as governmental ministries and entities. Through these connections, we create clear strategic frameworks, in partnership with key figures to support our clients in securing government buy-in for key decisions that are crucial to the growth of their business.

Regulatory Frameworks

The legal framework is constantly evolving as the world around us changes. We support our clients to earn a place at the table during these important discussions, providing them with an opportunity to shape important narratives and legal frameworks.


Through our team of researchers, we provide you with crucial market intelligence need to set the right agenda for your business and its relations with the government and decision-makers.


We support you in identifying and securing partnerships with the right entities, to ensure your campaign or initiative receives the most relevant and impactful endorsement.