Public Relations

Bringing together a team of more than 60 professionals across 3 departments (client servicing, media relations and media monitoring, the PR division offers, industry-specific specialization with tailor-made strategies that ensure compelling stories are told.

Annual Strategy Development

Our diverse team within client servicing, specialized in unique industries and sectors, develop annual strategies for companies, establishing a roadmap for external and internal communication channels. These tailor-made strategies ensure that whatever our client’s needs may be, key stakeholders and audiences are always engaged.

Content Creation

Through our extensive editorial team, we develop tailored news stories, affirming the client’s position in the market amongst both the business sector and their target audience. These services include content development for press releases, media briefs, feature stories, and speeches.

Public Profiling

Customized tailored PR strategies developed for clients to create a unique public persona, which allows clients to engage with their targeted audience and stakeholders in the most efficient manner.

Community Shared Values

POD develops corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies with the objective of creating programs that reflects core expertise and creates real shared values. Our strategies are based on a true return on investment for both the community and the company.

Media Training

Designed to provide senior executives and spokespeople with an experience that enhances their knowledge and understanding of how to navigate Egypt’s complex media scene. The tailor-made training programs are conducted by PR and media veterans, ensuring message delivery is on point.

Reputation Management

POD is a pioneer in the mitigation and prevention of media crises. Our strong relationships with the media, allow for the successful management of negative sentiment, should a crisis occur. The also team continuously works towards reputation maintenance, to ensure a sustained positive corporate and brand image.

Media Relations

Media relations management lies at the forefront of POD’s core competencies. With extensive hands-on media experience in the market, we develop media strategies that shape media stories and ensure that the media become your biggest brand ambassadors. The team continuously performs relationship-building activities to proactively develop opportunities for clients in content development. Press conferences, roundtable discussions, media-focused events, media sponsorship and unique media stories, are just some of the services we can provide.

Media Monitoring

POD has a specialized in-house media monitoring team that covers over 120 online and offline media outlets varying from major newspapers to online social hubs. The team provides clients with media monitoring reports on daily, weekly and monthly scopes in order to assess the situational analysis of the company in the industry against competitors and partners.

The media monitoring reports serve the purpose of educating clients on the industry, and identifying potential opportunities that the account team may recommend frequently. The reports include industry trends, government relations, partnerships formed in the field, and client coverage updates.